About Us.

Hi there, welcome to your skin science, where you will get trustworthy information regarding your acne-related problems. We share skincare-related information backed by research and recommended by the dermatologist.

In July 2021, I thought of starting your skin science. The reason was simple I don’t want acne suffers to experience the immense distress, which most of us have to go through due to the extensive amount of misinformation spread by brands and influencers.

I still remember when I was in my teens and got my first acne. I tried countless products and used many home remedies without much success. My acne journey started in 2009, and over the years, I have realized that choosing the right product with the right ingredients is of utmost importance.

This blog is all about understanding the science behind your skincare. Here I will share my journey with you guys with the product, which will help your skin. Trust the process and go through the article. It will provide you the information to cut through the marketing and make an informed decision towards your skincare products and lifestyle.